Gloria arose early and began her day by dressing for the most important meeting of her professional career.  The advertising company she founded twenty-five years earlier was flourishing.  On this much anticipated day she was meeting with the board of directors of a potential client.  If she and her assistant were successful in landing a contract it would be, by far, the largest in her career.  She was genuinely excited but not fearful.
She removed two of her favorite dresses from her closet –- a green one and a red one.  Both dresses were designed for a professional woman and she found them equally attractive.
She stood in front of a full length mirror as she held up each dress to help in decision making she asked the question, “Which one feels better?”  Very quickly she became aware that the green one felt better.
Gloria had no way of knowing that the president of the board of directors had a strong negative bias about any woman who wore red.   
During the meeting Gloria and her assistant were treated with attention, dignity and respect.  The president and the board were very pleased with the presentation and unanimously agreed to a lucrative, long term contract.
During the next several months Gloria and her employees met frequently with representatives of the new client.  The respect and admiration for Gloria and her team reflected the quality and effectiveness of their advertising campaign.  Six months into the contract the president was so impressed with the results that he scheduled a formal dinner to honor Gloria and her team.
On that fateful evening as Gloria dressed for the occasion the red dress felt better.  She wore it.  The bias the president had against women wearing red was changed forever.                                                            



A Course in Miracles --- Workbook for Students
Lesson 49  --  God’s voice speaks to me throughout the day.  It is quite possible to listen to God’s voice witho

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  1. What a perfect, perfect post for International Women's Day, the color for which is RED! Someone was watching...