Perhaps one of Dr. Sigmund Freud’s greatest contributions to our knowledge about how the human mind works was his introduction to the concept of the sub-conscious mind.  I cannot recall who introduced me to the following expansion of the concept that makes a lot of sense to me: 

The sub-conscious mind, which influences conscious thought, is an “information pool” that does not have a drain - – we can only put information into it and can remove nothing.”

The media (newspapers, radio, television, magazines, etc.) in our present day culture bombard us with fear-based information that is in the very least negative –- more often it is violent, ugly, viscous; even horrendous.  This information in written, visual or audio form when we become conscious of it, becomes part of our sub-conscious pool. 

Let us now consider the positive/negative “ph” of our pool.  It is believed by many that there are far more love-based acts of kindness, compassion, gentleness and generosity, occurring on a regular basis, than there are fear-based ones.  However these stories are seldom reported in the media.  This imbalance creates a negative “ph” in our sub-conscious mind pool.  This imbalance makes daily inspirational reading much more valuable –- it is vital to regain some balance in our thinking.  The primary means of control in our lives is our thoughts. “The thought is father of the deed—we become what we think.”


 A few days ago at a grocery Supermarket I picked up three items. I decided to use the automated personal checkout kiosk.  The total was less than $5.00.  I removed my money clip that also contained my personal and corporate credit cards, removed five dollars from the clip and ran it thorough the machine, took my receipt and left the store.

The next morning as I was going to fill my gas tank I discovered I did not have my money clip and credit cards.  I returned home and searched all the usual places where I might have left it to no avail.  I then began to search my memory for the last time is used the clip.  Incidentally, I do have “Senior Moments!!”  I immediately drove to the Supermarket, went to the customer service desk and told the attendant that I might have left my money clip and credit cards at the kiosk the previous day.  Moments later she handed me the clip and cards. Incidentally the money clip contained a $20.00 bill.              Bud Ham


  1. Thanks for the important reminder to seek and put "the good stuff" in our minds. Marcus Aurelius said it, as well. Something along the lines of we become our thoughts.

  2. Thank you! I need all of the help and encouragement I czn get. Peace, Bud