In song, prose and poetry Seekers have asked the question throughout history, “What is truth?”  I cannot say what truth is for you -- it is sometimes difficult and often impossible for me to say what truth is for me.  Yet, I do believe that if one earnestly seeks truth, works at it long enough, and is open to guidance, our personal list of truths expands.  This process also clarifies another truth – my truth may not be your truth. I share my truths with you not to suggest that they should become yours, only that they might serve you also.

1.    You will become what you think.

·         If you think fearful thoughts you will become frightened.

·         If your thoughts dwell on illness you will become sick.

·         If you think peaceful thoughts you will become a serene person.

·         If you think loving thoughts you become a warm, loving person.

·         If you think mean-spirited thoughts you become a hateful person.

Each of us has pessimistic, ugly or mean-spirited thoughts from time to time -- but we can choose not to entertain them and we can replace them!  The level of thought is the only place we have control over our own destiny.  Becoming what we think is the Law of Attraction manifested. The law of attraction states that we attract to ourselves that which we love and cherish or that which we fear and hate.  The “attractant” is our thought energy – the message is: Don’t put your energy into something you don’t want!

2.   Whatever you want in life, give it away.

·         If you want respect, give respect.

·         If you want cooperation, give cooperation.

·         If you want people to listen to you, listen to them.

·         If you want more love, give love away.

·         If you want more money, take all you can spare and without discrimination give it to someone who needs it more than you do.

If you have something you cannot give away, you don’t own it, it owns you!  To give anything away opens the channel for the inflow of more of the same.  The ancient pronouncements, “as you sow, so shall you reap” and “cast your bread on the water and it will be returned multiplied,” attest to the law of cause and effect.  If we give love at every opportunity we can surely expect it will be returned multiplied.  The same principle holds true for mean-spirited acts!

3.    We are in control of our own destiny.

If we accept and practice the first two Great Truths we can ignore fate and luck and can accept that where I am today is the result of past thoughts and actions.  I am responsible and I am in control of my future.

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