“If spiritual teaching is complicated it is not from me.” Jeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus)

“Complexity is born of the world, and not from the mind of God.” The Way of Mastery, Page 143

· There are only two basic human emotions, Love and Fear. i.e., The emotions of hate, anger, greed, vengeance, jealousy, guilt, distrust and self-pity are derivatives of fear. The emotions of tolerance, generosity, kindness, patience, trust, and self-respect are derivatives of love.

· Love and Fear are opposites and co-variables. They are opposites because you cannot be fearful and loving at the same time and if love increases fear decreases.

· I have full responsibility regarding the amount of love or fear I have: If I make more love based decisions I live with more love and vice-versa.

· The only control I have in life is my thoughts. When I have fear based thoughts I can choose again!



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  1. I have a question. Is it possible love is natural while fear is learned? If that's so, how does a person unlearn fear?